Dr. Mark J. Muehlbach, Ph.D., F.AASM, R.PSGTMark J. Muehlbach, Ph.D., F.AASM, R.PSGT
Staff Clinician; Director, CSI Clinics; Director, CSI Insomnia Center; Co-Director, CSI Research Center
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Dr. Mark J. Muehlbach is the Clinical Director of The Clinics at Clayton Sleep Institute. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and has more than 27-years-experience in sleep and sleep disorders research and treatment. He has been the lead investigator on several published research projects and co-authored more than 40 publications on sleep-related topics.

After completing his training at the first accredited lab in St. Louis under the direction of one of the first board-certified sleep specialists, Dr. Muehlbach earned his board certification in Sleep Medicine. Earlier, he had become one of the industry’s first registered sleep technologists.

Dr. Muehlbach is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Internal Medicine at Saint Louis University Medical School and in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Webster University, where he established a specialized course, “The Psychology of Sleep.” He is also a regular speaker at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Annual Meeting.

Dr. Muehlbach completed his undergraduate work and earned a Ph.D. in Applied-Experimental Psychology from Saint Louis University.