Matthew Uhles - Director, Technology & Operations, CSI Clinics; Director, CSI Research CenterMatthew L. Uhles, MS, R.PSGT
Chief Operating Officer

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Matthew Uhles is the Chief Operating Officer with direct responsibility for the operations of the Clayton Sleep Institute, CSI Research Center, and the CSI branded and CSI partner sleep clinics throughout the region. He also directs the leadership of the business and marketing divisions, forming cohesive and cooperative operating systems throughout our network. In addition, Mr. Uhles manages Clayton Sleep Institute’s corporate wellness programs.

Uhles has more than 26 years of clinical and business experience in virtually all aspects of the practice of sleep medicine. He has served as a principal investigator in research trials in the areas of insomnia, pain and sleep, stress and sleep and CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure devices) compliance. He is an experienced educator and presenter of topics in sleep and sleep disorders and has published in scholarly sleep journals. Uhles has managed multiple sleep laboratories and developed extensive training programs, certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, for sleep technicians. He consults on the business and technology of sleep clinics with clients throughout the country.

Uhles is an experienced educator and presenter in sleep medicine, including lectures and course leadership at St. Louis University and Forest Park College as well as at regional and national conferences in sleep. Among the topics he addresses are, Sleep—Sensation and Perception; Sleep—Learning and Motivations; the Psychology of Sleep, Drugs and Behavior; Sleep and the Physiological Psychology Laboratory; Sleep and Neuroanatomy; the Physiology of Sleep; and Sleep Disorders and PSG interpretation.

Uhles is a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist and a member of the American Association of Sleep Technologists. He is a regular speaker at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Annual Meeting. He spent his early professional career in research and academic positions with the Multidisciplinary Sleep Medicine Center at Washington University School of Medicine.

Uhles earned a Master of Science degree in Experimental Psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, both from Saint Louis University. Uhles serves as an advisor to Tyler Raising Education about Driving Drowsy, www.TyREDD.com, an organization that advances information about the signs and dangers of drowsy driving for teenagers, in memory of a Tyler Warne, a high school senior, athlete and student leader who was killed in a one-car accident after he fell asleep at the wheel of his automobile.