Insomnia Center

Take Your Insomnia Seriously—We Do!

Clayton Sleep Institute’s Insomnia Center is in the forefront of insomnia diagnosis and treatment through a focused and dedicated emphasis on comprehensive care for patients with insomnia.

Many sleep centers shy away from the complexities of treating insomnia. At CSI we focus on it. We have developed a proprietary process for diagnosing the intricacies of insomnia and tailoring treatment for each individual patient.

The Insomnia Center at Clayton Sleep InstituteYou can learn more about insomnia in this section of our web site, and we encourage you to do so. Insomnia and the resulting poor sleep can affect every aspect of your health. If you believe you are suffering from insomnia, please call us at 314-645-5855 and ask to speak with one of our insomnia patient specialists. We are dedicated to unraveling the mystery of insomnia for you!