Clinical Staff

The staff of the CSI Insomnia Center is experienced in treating insomnia in all of its complicated forms.  They understand and appreciate the difficulties challenging a person with insomnia and deliver expert care with compassion. 

Joseph Ojile - Medical Director & Chief Executive OfficerJoseph M. Ojile, MD, D.ABSM, FCCP
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Korge Hegde - Clinical Staff PhysicianKorgi V. Hegde, MD, FACP, FCCP
Clinician, CSI Clinics
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Mark Muehlbach - Staff Clinician, Director, CSI Clinics, Director, CSI Insomnia CenterMark J. Muehlbach, Ph.D., F.AASM, R.PSGT
Staff Clinician; Director, CSI Clinics; Director, CSI Insomnia Center; Co-Director, CSI Research Center
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