Radio Coverage

Clayton Sleep Institute provides great top line information about multiple topics in sleep health through commercial broadcast of spots recorded by Dr. Ojile, the CSI Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Ojile also serves as an expert in the field for radio features on sleep medicine. In addition, on air spokespersons speak to important issues in sleep health through prepared talking points that also run commercially. The radio spots are titled by topic for easier access.

Eye on Health: Sleep and Shift Work
Eye on Health: Sleep and Blue Light
Eye on Health: Kids, Sleep and Technology
Eye on Health with Dr. Michael Jones, KFTR
Eye on Health Listener Q&A
KMOX Why is sleep important? What is bad sleep? Testing for sleep disorders 10:00
KMOX Call-in questions and how to treat sleep disorders 8:30
Depression SleepĀ  :30
Diabetes and Sleep :30
Drowsy DrivingĀ  :30
Drowsy Driving 2 :30
Home Sleep Test :30
Insomnia :30
Round Table Discussion Part One
Round Table Discussion Part Two
Round Table Discussion Part Three
Round Table Discussion Part Four
Pediatric Sleep Disorders :30
Sleep Apnea :30
Sleep Doesn’t Discriminate :30
Sleep Fitness :30
Sleepy Teens :30
KFTK Interview with Dr. Ojile 13:00
Sleep and Professional Sports 16:48