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Matthew UhlesMatthew L. Uhles, MS, R.PSGT
Principal Investigator/Sub-Investigator
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Matthew Uhles is the Vice President of Diagnostics, Research, and Technology, with a focus on leading the CSI research program and developing clinic partnerships with sleep labs and physicians throughout the region. In addition, he manages the operational activities and technical staff of the CSI branded sleep clinics as well as CSI’s partner sleep clinics, and oversees all research studies and procedures, and is responsible for all investigator-initiated research protocol development.

Uhles is an experienced educator and presenter in sleep medicine, including lectures and course leadership at St. Louis University and Forest Park College as well as at regional and national conferences in sleep. Among the topics he addresses are, Sleep—Sensation and Perception; Sleep—Learning and Motivations; the Psychology of Sleep, Drugs and Behavior; Sleep and the Physiological Psychology Laboratory; Sleep and Neuroanatomy; the Physiology of Sleep; and Sleep Disorders and PSG interpretation.

Uhles has served as a Principal Investigator or a Co-Investigator in research trials in the areas of insomnia, pain and sleep, stress and sleep and CPAP compliance. In particular, he is recognized for his comprehensive knowledge of the range of medical devices employed in sleep medicine.

Uhles has contributed to content and/or research abstracts published in The Journal of Traumatic Stress, Sleep Medicine, The Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuro psychology, Sleep and the Acta OtoLaryngolgica. Most recently his chapter, “Sleepiness in High-Consequence Industries,” was published in the sleep medicine education textbook, Sleepy or Sleepless, Clinical Approach to the Sleep Patient, and a chapter he co-authored with Raman, Malhotra, MD, “Movement Disorders,” was published in Fundamentals of Sleep Technology, Second Edition.

Uhles is a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist and a member of the American Association of Sleep Technologists. He is a regular speaker at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Annual Meeting. He spent his early professional career in research and academic positions with the Multidisciplinary Sleep Medicine Center at Washington University School of Medicine.

Uhles earned a Master of Science degree in Experimental Psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, both from Saint Louis University. Uhles serves as an advisor to Tyler Raising Education about Driving Drowsy,, an organization that advances information about the signs and dangers of drowsy driving for teenagers, in memory of a Tyler Warne, a high school senior, athlete and student leader who was killed in a one-car accident after he fell asleep at the wheel of his automobile.