Clinical Staff

The Clayton Sleep team combines outstanding medical and science credentials, years of experience and a commitment to exceptional patient care partner care to deliver the best in sleep medicine for our patients. Our team includes physicians, nurses, psychologists, sleep technologists, respiratory therapists and patient care coordinators deeply experienced in sleep medicine and dedicated to helping you achieve healthy sleep.

Medical Staff

Dr. Joseph OjileJoseph M. Ojile, MD, D.ABSM, FCCP
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Korge Hegde - Clinical Staff PhysicianKorgi V. Hegde, MD, FACP, FCCP
Clinician, CSI Clinics
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Jeffrey Harris - Clinical Staff PhysicianJeffrey D. Harris, MD, FCCP
Associate Medical Director, Clinical Staff Physician
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Mark Muehlbach - Staff Clinician, Director, CSI Clinics, Director, CSI Insomnia CenterMark J. Muehlbach, Ph.D., F.AASM, R.PSGT
Staff Clinician; Director, CSI Clinics; Director, CSI Insomnia Center; Co-Director, CSI Research Center
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Science & Technology Staff

Matthew Uhles - Vice President of Diagnostics, Research, and TechnologyMatthew L. Uhles, MS, R.PSGT
Chief Operating Officer
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Michaela Kirchhoff, RRT, RPSGT
Respiratory Therapist and
Polysomnographic Technologist

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Cheryl Marino, RRT, RPSGT
Respiratory Therapist and
Polysomnographic Technologist
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Kurt M. BergmireKurt M. Bergmire, R.PSGT
Director of Operations
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Patient Care

Anita Hopkin Director of Patient CareAnita Hopkin, R.PSGT
Director of Patient Care
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