InsomniaAccording to the National Sleep Foundation, 10-15% of adult American report chronic insomnia—that is, the inability to fall asleep, remain asleep or get adequate restorative sleep for more than one month. Or there is chronic-intermittent insomnia, when there is a repeating pattern of poor sleep for several nights, followed by adequate sleep for a few nights, and then a return to poor sleep for a few nights.

Chronic insomnia takes a toll. In addition to excessive daytime sleepiness, impaired function and irritability, it can lead to depression or other mood disorders, contribute to automobile accidents and may suppress the immune system.

Without question, insomnia can profoundly and adversely affect performance, quality of life and wellbeing.

People suffering from insomnia often do not seek help or professional treatment and may try a range of over-the-counter aids or self-medicate to try to address the insomnia. Often, these tactics don’t work and may actual worsen the problem.

Insomnia suffers should consult a sleep specialist.  The CSI Insomnia Center our sleep professionals can help you with insomnia. We have a proprietary process for evaluation and diagnosis of insomnia that allows us to develop a personalized plan of treatment.  With proper diagnosis, insomnia can be treated successfully and result in a much higher quality of life for the insomnia sufferer.

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