Sleep & Circadian Research Program
Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31

Chief Science Staff

Principal Investigator: Joseph M. Ojile, M.D.,

Dr. Joe OjileJoseph Ojile, M.D., FACCP, DABSM is the founder and CEO of Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI), a sleep medicine clinical and research organization that includes branded and non-branded sleep clinics, an insomnia center and a research center.

Dr. Ojile is president of the Clayton Sleep Research Foundation, which produces the annual national conference, Updates in Sleep Medicine. He serves as clinical professor of Internal Medicine for Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Sleep Foundation and serves as chair of the NSF subcommittee on continuing medical education. For the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), Ojile serves on the Practice Development Committee and in the Technology Evaluation Group.

Dr. Ojile is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians, and a member of the American Thoracic Society.

Dr. Ojile has degrees from St. Mary’s University and Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He is certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners, the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Pulmonary Diseases and the American Board of Sleep Medicine.


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Sub-Investigator: Christopher L. Drake, Ph.D.

Dr. Chris DrakeChristopher L. Drake, Ph.D., FAASM, CBSM is a bioscientific staff investigator at the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Disorders and Research Center and associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at the Wayne State University, School of Medicine.

Dr. Drake has broad expertise in clinical sleep research, having made notable scientific contributions in important areas such as the epidemiology of insomnia, behavioral and pharmacological treatments for sleep and circadian rhythm disorders, and the identification of sleep reactivity as a predisposing factor for insomnia. Dr. Drake’s research addresses the pathophysiology of insomnia and shift work disorder.

He is an associate editor for the journal Sleep and is on the editorial boards of The Open Sleep Journal and Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Dr. Drake is an active committee member of national and international professional organizations devoted to sleep and its disorders. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and is a reviewer for multiple scientific journals, the NIH, the Canadian Institutes of Health, NIOSH, and NASA. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Sleep Research Society and is Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation.

Dr. Drake has degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Bowling Green State University. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and is certified in behavioral sleep medicine.


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Sub-Investigator: Mark J. Muehlbach, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark J. MuehlbachMark J. Muehlbach, Ph.D., F.AASM, R.PSGT is director of the Clayton Sleep Institute Research Center and director of the CSI Insomnia Center. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and has more than 27-years-experience in sleep and sleep disorders research and treatment. He has been the lead investigator on several published research projects and co-authored more than 40 publications on sleep-related topics.

Dr. Muehlbach is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Internal Medicine at Saint Louis University Medical School and in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Webster University, where he established a specialized course, “The Psychology of Sleep.” He is also a regular speaker at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Annual Meeting.


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Sub-Investigator: Danielle Overstreet

Dani OverstreetDani Overstreet, CCRC; RMA; EMT-I; AB has 12 years of research experience and serves as the co-director of research at Clayton Sleep Institute. Her research activity at CSI primarily consists of pulmonology, but also includes sleep medicine and devices.








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Actiwatch 2

Actigraph 2During and following their stay on Aquarius, the world’s only underwater laboratory, the Mission 31 aquanauts will wear the Philips Respironics Actiwatch 2.

This actigraph will reliably track and store sleep schedule variability, sleep quantity, and sleep quality statistics. Each model is equipped with a highly sensitive accelerometer, which provides researchers with a record of activity patterns for individual aquanauts. The Actiwatch 2 also includes an ambient light sensor that will measure the amount and duration of ambient white light when the aquanauts explore the ocean outside of Aquarius.



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