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Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) is a sleep condition marked by repetitive jerking or cramping of the legs. These involuntary limb movements happen every 30 seconds or so. This disorder often occurs along with other sleep conditions and has the potential to severely disrupt a person’s sleep.

The Symptoms and Causes of Periodic Limb Movement Disorder

While the exact cause of PLMD is not known, current studies suggest that it is related to low iron levels or other health problems. The following factors may influence whether or not you develop this sleep disorder: 

  • Taking some medications including antidepressants

  • Having other sleep conditions like Restless Leg Syndrome or narcolepsy

  • Drinking excess caffeine

  • Having neurodevelopmental or genetic disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or William’s syndrome

  • Spinal cord injury

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you may have this disorder:

  • Repetitive leg movements in one or both legs

  • Sleep disruptions, frequent awakenings, or restless sleep

  • Daytime sleepiness or irritability

To determine the exact cause of your or a loved one’s sleep problems, it is necessary to perform a complete sleep study.

Sleep Disorders can Have Serious Effects on Your Health

People with this sleep condition often complain about unrefreshing sleep, but the effects of Periodic Limb Movement Disorder can be much more serious and can include:

We are Dedicated to Finding Solutions for Our Patients

Identifying and treating a sleep disorder requires close attention to health and lifestyle information, as well as individual patient evaluations. CSI is one of the few independent medical clinics in the country that address sleep conditions in all of their complexities.

At Clayton Sleep, we have developed a proprietary process for diagnosing sleep apnea and other sleep disorders and tailoring treatment for each individual client. We lead the way in sleep research and comprehensive care. 

Our Sleep Studies Can Give You the Diagnosis You Need for Better Sleep

Our process is comprehensive and gives you a clear diagnosis and treatment plan to restore healthy sleep.

Get Help for Your Sleep Disorder with a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

There is hope. Sleep disorders are treatable. If you believe you are suffering from Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, don’t wait. Respecting what your mind and body are telling you, acknowledging the serious nature of this disorder, and asking for help are the first steps toward better sleep and better health.

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