Better Sleep And Better Health For Those Who Serve

Better Sleep And Better Health For Those Who Serve If you Google “sleep disorders” or “sleep + health risks” you’ll find that the sleep medicine community and the media produce a wealth of coverage on the negative health impacts of poor or inadequate sleep. Browse around and you’ll discover that sleep deprivation and untreated sleep [...]

Want to Keep your Heart Healthy…get more sleep!

Want to Keep your Heart Healthy...get more sleep! February is National Heart Health month, so while we are making a list of ways to keep our heart healthy, let’s start with sleep. While you may not think that your heart and your sleep have much in common, they do work together. By [...]

Exercising Sleep Fitness

Exercising Sleep Fitness Just as society is waking up to the importance of regular exercise, many people are also recognizing that sleep is a key component to overall heath. Untreated sleep disorders have been linked to numerous medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and anxiety. If you want to improve your sleep “fitness,” [...]

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