Cheryl Marino

Joseph Ojile - Founder, CEO & Medical Director, Clayton Sleep Institute

Cheryl Marino
Respiratory Therapist and Polysomnographic Technologist


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Cheryl Marino serves as a key member of the CSI sleep testing team, bringing her extensive experience as a respiratory therapist and her skills as a polysomnographic technologist to each sleep study and in care of each sleep patient. She provides close follow up with all CSI sleep patients requiring CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) Therapy. She educates and assists patients with their equipment and concerning their plans of treatment. Marino provides individualized assistance to each patient requiring help with his or her CPAP.

Marino has specialized in sleep medicine for more than 13 years. Marino served as a Respiratory Therapist in multiple hospital settings in both urban and rural communities, working in Neonatal, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Critical Care and Emergency departments.

Among her professional achievements are serving as the Clinical Director of Education for the Respiratory Care Program at the Cape Girardeau (MO) Career and Technology Center and as Director of Respiratory Care Department and the Diagnostic Sleep Institute at Perry County (MO) Memorial Hospital. She played a leadership role in preparing and implementing the standards for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Accreditation at the Sleep Diagnostic Center at Southeast Missouri Hospital.

Marino is an active member of the Missouri Society for Respiratory Care.

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