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Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder defined by excessive sleepiness and the tendency to fall asleep at inappropriate times. Typically, an individual with narcolepsy suffers “sleep attacks” as well as chronic tiredness that is not relieved by any amount of sleep.
If this condition is not addressed and managed, narcolepsy can drastically affect an individual’s well-being. With proper treatment, however, sufferers can greatly improve their quality of life.

The Symptoms of Narcolepsy

A narcolepsy diagnosis can stem from two different types: The first type occurs alongside a condition called cataplexy, a sudden loss of muscle tone that is sometimes triggered by overwhelming emotion. The second type of narcolepsy occurs without cataplexy.  

No matter the type of narcolepsy, it is a chronic condition, complicated by the fact that others may misunderstand the consequences of the disorder. Narcolepsy can affect an individual’s personal and professional life; it can even cause someone physical harm if they fall asleep while driving or cooking.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should contact a physician:

  • Excessive sleepiness in the daytime
  • Cataplexy, or sudden loss of muscle tone
  • Sleep paralysis while falling asleep or upon waking
  • Hallucinations while falling asleep or upon waking
  • Changes in REM sleep
  • Other sleep disorders, like insomnia, sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome

There are only a few known risk factors for narcolepsy, including family history. While it is a chronic condition, medication and lifestyle changes can help sufferers greatly improve their sleep quality and manage the disorder.

To determine the exact cause of your or a loved one’s sleep problems, it is necessary to perform a complete sleep study.

We are Dedicated to Finding Solutions for Our Patients

Identifying and treating a sleep disorder requires close attention to health and lifestyle information, as well as individual patient evaluations. CSI is one of the few independent medical clinics in the country that address sleep conditions in all of their complexities.

At Clayton Sleep, we have developed a proprietary process for diagnosing sleep apnea and other sleep disorders and tailoring treatment for each individual client. We lead the way in sleep research and comprehensive care.

Our Sleep Studies Can Give You the Diagnosis You Need for Better Sleep

Our process is comprehensive and gives you a clear diagnosis and treatment plan to restore healthy sleep.

Get Help for Your Sleep Disorder with a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

There is hope. Sleep disorders are treatable. If you believe you are suffering from Narcolepsy, don’t wait. Respecting what your mind and body are telling you, acknowledging the serious nature of this disorder, and asking for help are the first steps toward better sleep and better health.

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