The Research Center provides CSI with the tools and opportunities to offer patients the latest advancements in the technology of sleep medicine. This knowledge and experience position CSI as a thought leader and practice leader in sleep medicine. The Research Center designs and directs research in sleep pulmonary medicine and has been awarded multiple research projects by medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

While the Research Center is independent and streamlines the research process, it has strong academic ties, skilled and experienced professional research staff and a support team of experienced, full-time research coordinators. The Research Center conducts investigator-initiated research as well as medical device and pharmaceutical driven research in an independent center that conforms to regulatory approvals and review standards. Over the course of 30 years of professional activity, CSI scientists and sleep professionals have published or presented hundreds of manuscripts and abstracts.

The Research Center is in the forefront of research on insomnia, sleep quality in various medical conditions, CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea and sleep quality and adverse health outcomes.

Unlike the vast majority of treatment facilities that focus solely on sleep apnea, the CSI Insomnia Center is specifically designed to diagnose and treat insomnia.

Nearly 30 million Americans suffer from chronic insomnia, which, according to scholarly articles in The Journal of Sleep Medicine, means they have trouble sleeping almost nightly for periods of at least one month in length. Insomnia takes a big toll personally for those who suffer from it, and economically because of the impact sleepy and fatigued individuals have in the workplace. According to the recent American Insomnia Study, the annual loss in worker productivity due to insomnia is $63.2 billion, or $2,280 per worker. Ignoring insomnia intensifies its effects and can cause even more stress, mood, health and physical problems.

No, insomnia is a far more complex and serious disorder. Our culture frequently categorizes insomnia as a short-term or simple stress-related condition, which deters patients from seeking the help they need.

The Sleep Clinics study individual patient’s sleep to diagnose and treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome and narcolepsy.

First, patients see a sleep specialist to develop a detailed sleep and medical history. Patients may be candidates for Home Sleep Testing (HST) or in-clinic testing. (See information below on HST.) When it is time for the in-clinic sleep study, patients stay overnight in the CSI sleep center’s comfortable and supportive environment where their sleep is monitored and measured closely by highly trained specialists using state-of-the-art technology. Patients receive an initial review after their study and their full results within two-to-three days. CSI medical staff work closely with patients’ physicians and other healthcare providers, reporting test result information as appropriate, with permission and in a timely fashion.

The Sleep Clinics provide a spa-like environment and encourage patients to prepare for bed as they normally would at home. Prior to bedtime, patients can read or watch television, use computers and PDAs and may snack lightly. Patients should bring their own sleepwear, medications and toiletries. CSI provides caffeine-free beverages.

Clayton Sleep Institute has been providing fully-accredited Home Sleep Apnea Testing since 2013 and offers convenient choices for patients being tested at home. Your physician will refer you for a home sleep test and the CSI team will coordinate your testing and results with your physician. When you come to the CSI clinic our sleep professionals will instruct you on how to use the home sleep testing equipment and demonstrate putting it on as well. After your home test you will bring the equipment back to the clinic and we will provide your physician with your test results. Your physician will be in touch with you to set up an appointment to discuss your test and next steps for your care.

CSI’s branded and affiliated clinics and sleep professionals see more than 600 patients each month for sleep studies, sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment and related health issues.

Information about CSI and CSI programs is available at www.claytonsleep.com or by calling 314-645-5855. Media may call 314-536-8913 for Brittni Snidle.

CSI operates the sleep clinics for five affiliate locations in hospitals or as individual clinics in Missouri and Illinois.

The Clayton Sleep Research Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit entity dedicated to research and education in sleep medicine and health.

The Sleep Clinics, Insomnia Center and Research Center are all operating entities within CSI. Each specializes in specific aspects and areas of sleep medicine and each has a unique purpose.

The Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI) is a leading independent medical and research institution founded, directed and managed by expert medical, science, research and technology professionals dedicated to the highest practice of sleep medicine and the greatest patient benefits of healthy sleep. CSI was founded in 2002.

Better Sleep, Better Life.

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