CSI Operates Non-Branded Sleep Clinics

Clayton Sleep Institute maintains its headquarters in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan market and a full-service CSI-branded sleep clinic in Farmington, Missouri. CSI also provides staff and operates affiliated, non-CSI sleep clinics with business partners in St. Louis and seven other markets in Missouri and Illinois.

CSI trains, manages and employs the technical staff in these affiliated clinics, provides the testing and clinical infrastructure and may provide all or a portion of the physician sleep test reading, including the most complex sleep tests. In addition, CSI provides consultation to these affiliated clinics on an as-needed basis for sleep disorders ranging from complex insomnia to restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy.

The CSI affiliate clinics have various operating models:

  • Hospital-based clinic operating inside a major metropolitan academic center
  • Hospital-based clinic operating inside a regional medical center in a community outlying a metro area
  • Hospital-based clinic operating inside a community hospital in a rural area
  • Freestanding clinic in a rural community outlying a metro area
  • Freestanding clinic associated with a physician group in a mid-size community in an area with multiple hospitals and regional medical centers

CSI designs affiliate models for outstanding clinical performance and exceptional business results

For more information about the CSI affiliate and partner programs, check Business Consulting and Partnerships on this web site, or call 314-645-5855 and ask to speak to the Chief Operating Officer.

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