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The Clayton Sleep Institute Sleep Clinics strive to make every aspect of your care completely comfortable and tailored to your health and wellbeing.

From our Patient Care Coordinators through our physicians, clinical staff, technologists and therapists, we are committed to the highest standards in sleep medicine. We are committed to those same standards of quality and care for both home sleep apnea testing and in-clinics studies. Our CSI clinics in St. Louis and Farmington are full service sleep medicine centers, equipped and staffed to recognize, diagnose and treat all sleep-related issues. We diagnose and treat the full range of adult and pediatric sleep disorders from sleep apnea to insomnia, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement and narcolepsy.

St. Louis

11188 Tesson Ferry Road, Suite 100
St. Loui, MO 63123
v: 314-645-5855
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1135 East Karsch Boulevard
Farmington, MO 63640
v: 573-760-1501
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Your well-being, peace of mind and comfort are paramount to us.

Home Sleep Testing for Apnea

Home sleep testing (HST) for apnea is the usual first step for most patients experiencing sleep disruption from typical apnea symptoms such as prolonged snoring, gasping for breath, morning headaches or daytime fatigue. We make the HST experience pleasant and easy for you! Each patient receives an HST kit and our clinical staff will instruct you on the easy steps to using the HST equipment. We also provide you with a 24-hour help line if you need support or have questions when you get your HST kit home. We will evaluate the data from your HST and explain it to you as well as provide it to your primary care physician or to the specialty physician that referred you for a sleep test. Depending on your HST results we will work with you and your primary care physician or specialist to develop a plan of care that best addresses your sleep health issues.

You might require an in-center sleep study

You might require an in-center sleep study based on your medical history and sleep issues, and Clayton Sleep Institute delivers high-quality health care in a comfortable setting with plenty of amenities. Our in-center sleep study patients benefit from personal attention and a relaxing environment—Sleep Number® bed, HD TV, spa-quality linens—so you enjoy the best possible experience during your sleep study. Based on the results of your study, the Clayton Sleep specialists will develop a tailored program for treating your sleep disorder that may include a “PAP” device (positive air pressure) to ensure that you have appropriate air flow while you sleep. If a PAP device is right for you, CSI therapists will personally guide you through the selection, fitting and use of your device to help you in achieving better, healthier sleep. Our sleep medicine clinicians have tremendous experience, skill and success in treating the health “issue” while also supporting and encouraging the patient!

Do you have a sleep disorder?

Our physicians and clinical staff will work closely with your primary care physician or other medical provider to integrate your treatment into your overall plan of care, whatever your health and medical concerns and considerations. Remember, CSI has outstanding medical professionals who are extensively experienced in treating patients with both simple and complex sleep and health challenges.

You’ll find additional information about the CSI Sleep Clinic here on the web site, or please call 314-645-5855 to set an appointment for a sleep consultation. We are here to help you!

AASM Accredited

The Clayton Sleep Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the national medical body that sets standards and examines sleep clinics. CSI is accredited by AASM to provide out-of-center, or home, sleep tests as well.

Better Sleep, Better Life.

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