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About Clayton Sleep Institute

Clayton Sleep Institute is comprised of Board Certified sleep specialists and scientists, Registered Sleep Technologists and Registered Respiratory Therapists with years of experience in the field of sleep disorders. CSI is an independent sleep laboratory accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

We treat the full range of sleep disorders for patients of all ages. We participate in and lead clinical research into the science and medicine of sleep. We develop, sponsor and produce sleep education programs for patients, medical professionals, scientists and the general public.

We Came Together to Create

an exemplary sleep medicine, sleep research & sleep education program that provides the highest-quality care to patients and service to physicians and partners.

We are committed to advancing better health through a better understanding about sleep.

The Origins of CSI

Dr. Joseph M. Ojile, board certified in pulmonology and sleep medicine, led the team that launched CSI in 2002. CSI began with one branded sleep clinic location, a team of outstanding sleep medicine professionals and a vision to create a 360◦ program to address the complex physiological, behavioral, emotional and communal elements of sleep medicine and sleep health.

CSI developed partnerships with physician groups and hospitals and added five clinics to the roster that they staff and manage. All sleep clinics that CSI manages are accredited and provide diagnosis and treatment for the full range of sleep disorders. CSI branded clinics in St. Louis and Farmington are certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for both in-clinic and out-of-clinic Home Sleep Apnea Testing. The CSI in-clinic testing is designed for a positive and caring experience for all patients. The facilities are furnished with spa-like amenities and the CSI Patient Care Coordinators and clinical staff support the patients through their testing program and their follow up. The CSI team provides home sleep testing patients with instruction, demonstration and 24-hour support to ensure that their home sleep tests are successful and comfortable.

CSI developed and launched an Insomnia Center at the Big Bend clinic and the CSI Research Center. The Insomnia Center addresses the complexities of the diagnosis and treatment of insomnia with a proprietary process for analyzing and developing a plan of treatment for insomnia patients. CSI Research Center participates in national studies for sleep pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and develops investigator-initiated studies for important issues in sleep medicine.

In a separate but parallel track,

Dr. Ojile established the Clayton Sleep Research Foundation to further the study of and education in sleep disorders and sleep medicine.

Business Model

Clayton Sleep Institute is dedicated to the medicine, science and business of delivering sleep health to our patients and to the public we serve. We do that through three practice areas:

And through a variety of educational and business partnerships:

  • Clayton Sleep Research Foundation to develop, sponsor and produce sleep education programs for patients, medical professionals, scientists and the general public.
  • Clinical and business consulting about, and management of, sleep centers with hospital and physician group partners

Better Sleep, Better Life.

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