Take Your Insomnia Seriously

We Do.

Identifying and treating insomnia requires close attention to health and lifestyle information, as well as individual patient evaluations. CSI is one of the few independent medical clinics in the country that addresses insomnia in all of its complexities.

At Clayton Sleep, we have developed a proprietary process for diagnosing insomnia and other sleep disorders and tailoring treatment for each individual client.

We lead the way in insomnia research and comprehensive care.

Our Sleep Studies Can Give You the Diagnosis You Need for Better Sleep

Insomnia plagues millions of Americans. While the condition is common, an accurate diagnosis of the root problem can be elusive. What’s worse, insomnia and the resulting poor sleep can be devastating, negatively affecting every aspect of your health. 

If you are diagnosed with insomnia, there are several treatment options available. It’s important to remember, however, that there is no “silver bullet” cure for this sleep disorder. Defining it may be simpler than identifying the right treatment for each individual. Some treatments that our specialists recommend include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This method involves coaching and behavioral changes to effect better sleep habits.

  • Pharmaceutical Solutions – The medical professionals at the CSI Insomnia Center may recommend prescription drugs to provide relief and break patterns of sleeplessness.

  • Additional Therapies – Bright light therapy, relaxation therapies, or alternative medicine strategies like acupuncture all have a place in treating various types of insomnia.

The CSI Insomnia Center may recommend these treatments alone or in combination with other therapies to devise the plan with the greatest possible efficacy for each patient. Our number one priority is you.

Get Help for Your Insomnia with a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

There is hope. Sleep disorders are treatable. If you believe you are suffering from insomnia, don’t wait. Respecting what your mind and body are telling you, acknowledging the serious nature of insomnia, and asking for help are the first steps toward better sleep and better health.

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