Clayton Sleep Institute Adds AASM Home Testing Accreditation

CSI continues national, regional leadership in sleep medicine

ST. LOUIS (January 31 2012) – Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI) is now accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) to provide Out-of-Center Sleep Testing in addition to CSI’s AASM-accredited tests in their sleep clinics.  Out-of-Center Testing is commonly referred to as home testing.  The AASM accreditation of Out-of-Center Sleep Testing enables sleep professionals to offer broader options to patients while demonstrating a commitment to high quality diagnostic services.  This new accreditation makes CSI one of the only AASM-dual-certified sleep labs in the region and among the few in the country.

“We’re very proud that Clayton Sleep has AASM accreditation for our home testing program,” said Dr. Joseph Ojile, M.D., founder and CEO of Clayton Sleep Institute.  “Home testing is a very important tool for CSI in providing personalized care for our patients.  There are patient symptoms and sometimes circumstances that make home testing the best choice for the optimum test for certain sleep disorders. When appropriate, we use home testing to diagnose patients with results that they collect in the comfort of their home.”

CSI provides home testing through both Type II and Type III monitoring devices.  A home sleep test with a Type III portable monitor is unattended – that is, performed without the immediate oversight of a sleep technologist – and has a minimum of four monitoring channels.  This type of sleep test is generally used for people with a significant history of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  In this type of test, the patient goes home with the device which records the results which are downloaded by the CSI sleep professional the next day.

The other home sleep test that CSI offers is with a Type II portable monitor, also unattended, with a minimum of seven channels.  This type of test involves more elaborate sleep equipment and studies parameters such as EEG, EOG and EMG recordings in addition to the respiratory effort and oxygen saturation channels recorded in a Type III device.  Type II home tests provide more detailed information that better helps CSI professionals diagnose a broader range of sleep disorders.

About Clayton Sleep Institute

Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI) is a leading independent institution dedicated to all aspects of sleep medicine and sleep health.  CSI serves patients and physician and business partners through four practice areas:  The Sleep Clinics, The Insomnia Center, The Research Center and The Knowledge Center.  Through these practices CSI creates a 360-degree program for the complex physiological, behavioral, emotional and communal elements of sleep medicine and sleep health.  Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., CSI’s has seven sleep clinics in four markets and serves a national community of sleep professionals through Updates in Sleep Medicine, an annual conference.  CSI works in partnership with The Clayton Sleep Research Foundation to advance the science and education of sleep and sleep health.  For more information about CSI, its practices, partnerships and locations, visit