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Everywhere we look there are ads, TV commercials, books and articles about the importance of good nutrition and exercise to peak condition and peak performance. Another fundamental that frequently is ignored is sleep! Adult minds and bodies need between seven and eight hours of sleep every night. Failing to get enough sleep or enough good quality sleep will diminish your health and your performance as a leader. Another important factor is timing–getting sleep consistent with your body’s circadian rhythm, your “body clock”.

Fatigue can be life threatening or can cause catastrophes with enormous human and monetary costs. Fatigue causes traffic accidents and has been cited in disasters such as the Challenger malfunction and the Exxon Valdez oil spill. These are extreme examples to illustrate the impact that fatigue has on critical thinking, decision making, attention to essential details, follow through, positive outlook and other behaviors needed for productive performance and leadership.

Every jet-lagged executive that goes into a negotiation brings an invisible handicap with him or her! Tired, distracted and groggy are not high performance physical or mental states.

In addition, lack of sleep and poor sleep affect health and are associated with diabetes, heart attack, stroke and other disease states. A sleep disorder not only impedes your performance, it assaults your health.

Despite the very real consequences of poor sleep, many executives neglect it and consider fatigue to be the norm for their profession, where the proper attitude is that sleep is as fundamental to performance as good nutrition and regular exercise.

At Clayton Sleep Institute we know how to design and execute a Sleep Health and Performance program for you and your executive team. If you are interested in improving performance through a sleep program, please call our Chief Operating Officer at 314-645-5855 and talk with him about a custom designed program for your executive team.

Sleep, Workforce and Performance

Every day, millions of American workers are underperforming because of poor or inadequate sleep. Not because they are irresponsible and don’t go to bed, but because physical and mental factors are disrupting or compromising their sleep. In addition, the pattern of poor sleep affects their health because it is related to conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart attack and stroke.

A sleepy workforce has a direct tie to the bottom line for your company—both through performance and the costs of health-related absences and health insurance costs.

Clayton Sleep Institute can help you address and improve the performance, health and wellbeing of your employees through a Sleep Health and Performance program that produces the results you and your employees need. We have produced outstanding results for our business clients through a proven program that addresses sleep health in workforces. We will tailor a program for you, ranging from education and identification of at-risk employees through screening, treatment and a monitoring plan for compliance. Our program options include:

  • Education—in large or small groups, with supportive materials and tools to improve sleep hygiene and capture the “lower hanging fruit” of employees that simply need to develop better habits for sleep
  • Identification of At Risk Employees—we can implement a survey and assessments that allow us to assess employees’ possible risk
  • Screening—a team of CSI sleep specialists meet individually with employees and provide guidance on sleep hygiene as well as refer patients that require testing or other evaluation
  • Treatment—a plan of treatment will be developed for each individual requiring medical attention for a sleep disorder
  • Efficacy—we actively partner with our business clients to ensure that programs are consistent with company benefits and insurance programs and provide reports on compliance and improvement in the program

We are eager to work with you to address your workforce performance and health issues associated with sleep and sleep disorders. At CSI we have the experience to design and executive a Sleep Health and Performance program that engages and energizes your employees and produces positive results for your company.

Please call our Chief Operating Officer at 314-645-5855 and talk with him about the Clayton Sleep Institute Sleep Health and Performance program for your workforce.

Clayton Sleep Institute offers executives and their companies a means to improve performance by improving sleep!

We design individual or team executive programs to educate, screen, treat and monitor sleep health.

We tailor sleep health programs for the individual or team of individuals and focus specifically on his or their issues, not on generalities of healthy sleep.

Our program includes:

  • Education—we provide small group or one-on-one sessions to increase awareness of the importance of sleep and the impact it has on performance, health and wellbeing
  • Screen for health risks—we assess each individual or team member for a range of health risks associated with inadequate or poor sleep, including apnea and insomnia
  • Treatment—we develop a plan of treatment for each individual to specifically address sleep-related health issues and to create a program of healthy sleep and increased performance
  • Efficacy—we will coach each individual for effectiveness, create tracking systems for behavioral adjustments and monitor for compliance with treatment

Better Sleep, Better Life.

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