Kalin Guebert Joins Clayton Sleep Institute to Grow Clinical Research Division

ST. LOUIS (September 6, 2018)Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI) has hired Kalin Guebert, M.S., as the Director of the Clayton Sleep Research Center (CSI-RC), the research arm of CSI. In his role, Guebert will oversee clinical research trials for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, including regulatory approvals, recruitment of subjects, and execution of studies in accordance with good clinical practice and international standards.

“Kalin brings us an outstanding track record as a clinical research professional,” said Dr. Joseph Ojile, chief executive officer and medical director of CSI. “His broad experience in clinical research and staff collaboration, coupled with his passion for advancing science and medicine, make him a perfect addition to our team.”

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Guebert came to CSI from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, where he served for more than 10 years. He began as a Clinical Research Coordinator for both Siteman Cancer Center and the Department of Anesthesiology before joining the Department of Medical Oncology. During that time, he supervised nine clinical and data research coordinators across three locations and worked as a project manager to bring in new investigator-initiated trials and managed multi-institutional studies.


“My experiences at Washington University give me an in-depth knowledge base on all areas of clinical trials,” said Guebert. “I am thrilled to bring that expertise to CSI, an organization that is dedicated to all aspects of sleep medicine and sleep health. I am eager to work with CSI-RC’s seasoned team of investigators and research coordinators to expand and enhance the clinical trials offered by CSI-RC.”


Guebert is a member of the Society of Clinical Research Associates and a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP). A native of Columbia, Ill., Guebert earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and a master’s degree in clinical research management from Washington University in St. Louis.

About Clayton Sleep Institute Research Center
The St. Louis-based Clayton Sleep Institute Research Center (CSI-RC), a division of the Clayton Sleep Institute, conducts scientific research studies for local, national and international pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Since 2005, CSI-RC has successfully managed more than 100 clinical studies with a focus on pulmonary and sleep. CSI-RC adheres and conforms to all ethical standards of execution and Investigational Research Board protocols. For more information, visit www.csi-rc.com.

About Clayton Sleep Institute

Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI) is a leading independent institution dedicated to all aspects of sleep medicine and sleep health.  CSI serves patients and physician and business partners through three practice areas:  The Sleep Clinics, The Insomnia Center and The CSI Research Center.  CSI creates a 360-degree program for the complex physiological, behavioral, emotional and communal elements of sleep medicine and sleep health.  Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., CSI has nine sleep clinic locations in eight markets. CSI works in partnership with The Clayton Sleep Research Foundation to advance the science and education of sleep and sleep health.  For more information about CSI, its practices, partnerships and locations, visit www.claytonsleep.com.