Clayton Sleep Institute Partners with Touchette Regional Hospital on New Sleep Center

Clinic in Centreville, Ill. marks ninth service location for Clayton Sleep

ST. LOUIS (July 17, 2018)Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI), is expanding its sleep clinic services to the Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville, Ill. The hospital now offers comprehensive clinical sleep testing services staffed and managed by CSI sleep professionals under the direction of Touchette sleep clinic medical director Abdulsalam Jamous, M.D.

“We are grateful to Touchette for this opportunity to share our expertise with Centreville, Ill. and the surrounding communities,” said Matthew Uhles, COO of Clayton Sleep Institute. “With more than a third of U.S. adults reporting insufficient sleep, we have a tremendous opportunity to increase community awareness of healthy sleep and to address the issues that can result from sleep deficiency and untreated sleep disorders.”

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“This collaboration fills an important gap for sleep services in our local community,” said Sulbrena Day, PhD, COO of Touchette Regional Hospital. “CSI’s professional sleep technologists will provide quality sleep apnea testing in our on-site, in-hospital clinic, backed up by the expertise of the full CSI sleep medicine program, all tailored to Touchette’s goals for delivering quality care to our patients.”


The two-bed sleep clinic will initially offer clinical sleep apnea testing three nights per week consisting of an overnight stay where the patient is monitored with technology that records different physiological parameters—such as sleep quality and interrupted breathing—associated with sleep apnea. The sleep test results are evaluated by board-certified physicians to develop the best treatment plan for each patient. As with the other sleep centers managed by CSI, the Sleep Center at Touchette Regional Hospital will be capable of diagnosing and treating any of the over 85 different sleep disorders.


CSI and the Touchette Sleep Center will also provide Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT), where patients take home a testing kit and use it while sleeping in their own beds. The therapists show the patients how to adjust the simple devices and they also download the data from the devices when the patients return them to the clinic and the results are evaluated by board certified sleep physicians. CSI maintains a 24-hour telephone coaching line for the convenience of HSAT patients that have questions or need to talk to a technologist about their equipment or test.


As part of the highly-trained on-site staff and the fully-managed expert program offered by CSI, Touchette physicians and staff will benefit from CSI’s top-notch technology and science experience and expertise for treatment options, such as positive airway pressure devices – APAP, CPAP, Bi-PAP – oral pressure therapy, oral appliances and more, and receive continuous updates of the latest techniques, trends, policies and procedures in sleep medicine.


CSI maintains two branded and one non-branded sleep clinics in St. Louis, Farmington, Mo., and Poplar Bluff, Mo. Since 2005, CSI has designed six affiliate programs for hospital-based and freestanding clinics located in Missouri and Illinois. Unlike most cookie cutter programs, the CSI affiliate and partner models are scalable and can be customized to fit specific needs based on the clinic’s and community’s needs. For more information about the CSI affiliate and partner program, call 314-645-5855 or visit



About Clayton Sleep Institute:

Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI) is a leading independent institution dedicated to all aspects of sleep medicine and sleep health.  CSI serves patients and physician and business partners through three practice areas:  The Sleep Clinics, The Insomnia Center and The CSI Research Center.  CSI creates a 360-degree program for the complex physiological, behavioral, emotional and communal elements of sleep medicine and sleep health.  Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., CSI has nine sleep clinic locations in eight markets. CSI works in partnership with The Clayton Sleep Research Foundation to advance the science and education of sleep and sleep health.  For more information about CSI, its practices, partnerships and locations, visit

About Touchette Regional Hospital:

Touchette Regional Hospital (TRH) is a 137-bed facility that has proudly served the communities of the Metro-East for more than 60 years. TRH offers Cardiopulmonary, Laboratory, Radiology, Home Healthcare, Medical Specialty Services, Pharmacy, Transportation, Physical Therapy, Senior Care Services, Start Now Breast Cancer Awareness Program, Obstetrical Services, 24-hour Emergency Department, New Vision/Substance Abuse Program, Special Needs Dentistry for children, Behavioral Health (inpatient and outpatient), Medical/Surgical/Telemetry, Intensive Care and Surgical Services (inpatient and outpatient). For more information, visit