How does the diagnosis process work?

First, patients see a sleep specialist to develop a detailed sleep and medical history. Patients may be candidates for Home Sleep Testing (HST) or in-clinic testing. (See information below on HST.) When it is time for the in-clinic sleep study, patients stay overnight in the CSI sleep center’s comfortable and supportive environment where their sleep [...]

What is the overnight experience like?

The Sleep Clinics provide a spa-like environment and encourage patients to prepare for bed as they normally would at home. Prior to bedtime, patients can read or watch television, use computers and PDAs and may snack lightly. Patients should bring their own sleepwear, medications and toiletries. CSI provides caffeine-free beverages.

Is home sleep testing an option?

Clayton Sleep Institute has been providing fully-accredited Home Sleep Apnea Testing since 2013 and offers convenient choices for patients being tested at home. Your physician will refer you for a home sleep test and the CSI team will coordinate your testing and results with your physician. When you come to the CSI clinic our sleep [...]

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