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107, 2014

Sleep and Aging — Let’s Think About It!

Sleep and Aging — Let’s Think About It! It looks like sleep plays a key role in cognitive health for middle-aged and older adults. That may seem obvious to those of us who value sleep, [...]

205, 2014

PTSD and Sleep

PTSD and Sleep At the November, 2013 Updates in Sleep Medicine Conference Dr. David Neubauer1 (@DavidNeubauer88 on Twitter) presented a comprehensive and timely overview of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as defined in the new DSM-5, the [...]

3103, 2014

Paying Off That Sleep Debt

Paying Off That Sleep Debt There is a lot of misconception about the notion of sleep debt, and whether or not you can effectively “pay it off” by catching up on your sleep.  So let’s [...]

403, 2014

Sleepy Teens and Drowsy Driving

Sleepy Teens and Drowsy Driving By Matthew L. Uhles, MS, RPSGT, Director, Technology & Operations for CSI Clinics and Co-Director, CSI Research Center As part of our commitment to better, healthier sleep in all individuals, [...]

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